Kimberly Mcnutt-Hodes​​
Online Classes by Essential Soap
Classes are Live ​​
Wish List Classes
​1. CBD Product Making 

2. Body Butter Making

3. Lotion Making

4. Soap Making 

5. Adding Liquids to Soap such as Goats Milk

6. Sugar Scrub Making

7. Bath Salts Making

8. Lye Safety 

9. Essential Oil Classes

10. How to make your own Soap Making Recipe

​11. more will be added


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Lotion Making Classes

The Lotion Making Classes will be a set of 2 classes.
This will be a introductory class.
Getting your feet wet in a world of lotion making. There will be room for you to ask questions and see the process in a completely different way. We will be teaching you the steps you need to take to make lotion as I do. This will not be the end of your lotion making experence but it will be a great start.

Class 1

1. Supply Gathering

2. Sanitation

Class 2

3. ingredients

4. Lotion recipe formalation


Class will be held on Nov. 14th and Nov. 28th at 6:pm. These classes will be at least 2 hours long. They can go way over so please be prepared to hang in there with us these nights. There are classes going on all the time. You will be let on this page in time for class. Please after you pay send proof of purchase to Hilary with your contact info via email. 

If you have PAID GO to this Facebook Group Page.... Click Here

Class 1
Nov 14th
USD  30.00

Class 2
Nov 28th
USD  30.00

Lye can be Scary...
Let me help you with that. We are going to go over many aspects of lye use and saftey in this class. Some are.....

1. What kind of Lye to buy.
2. How to store Lye.
3. How to dispose of Lye.
4. How to mix Lye.
5. How to mix Lye in oils.
7. What to do if you get Lye on you.
8. and Much Much More

This class will be held on a closed facebook group page in a go-live video formate. 

Class will be held on Nov 9th at 6:pm

If you have P AID GO to this Facebook Group Page.... Click Here

Lye Safety Class

Lye Class USD  20.00
​Nov. 9th 6:00pm Central

Essential Oils in Soap

We will be formalating a Essential Oil recipe for each students soap.  So have a idea of what you wish your soaps use will be before class.

20 students only allowed in this class.

As a student of the class you can then also write down everyones fromulation too.

Yes there can be repeats but over all you will get the handle on sevaral eo recipes you can use in your soaping.

If you have PAID for this class GO to this Facebook Group Page....Click Here


Class 1
Dec 4rd
USD  30.00