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Pay for a Class

1. Most Classes are given at 6 to 6:30 pm at night central time. If you can not make the online class you can watch the video after class. 

2. Classes lasts for 2 plus hours and may go over so be prepaired to hang with us. 

3. Required materials needed is always Note taking equipment such as pen and paper.
But will vary depending on the type of class or the stage the class is in. So in a Essential Oil Class you will need to have all your essential oils present.

4. These classes are done on a go live video on a separate group page. Please be sure your computer or phone is powered up and ready before class start time. 

5. You will need to be on the page at 6:00pm central time to join the pre-class. Classes almost always start at 6:30pm. When you pay it takes you to the class group page.

Click Join group button and send Hilary her contact info and proof of payment. You can use a screen shot of your payment conformation. 

6. All sales are final if you miss the class when it is happening you will be able to go in and see the videos made of class for a week or less after class.

7. The cut off will vary. Some class membership will be for only 15 students so hurry and pay if you wish to be in a class.

8. We have different classes going on some are series and some are stand alone 1 time classes.  

   Thank You
   Kimberly Mcnutt-Hodes

Our classes are giving in a go live video format on a facebook page. 

This is the group you will need to join to get started
before or after you pay.

More classes will be posted on this page you might wish to join. 

Class Information Page
on Facebook


Once you have paid you will need to join the class page.

1. You will be added during the time frame
of the class you have paid for.

2. You will be removed after  before or up to 1 week unless you pay for the next class happening on that page. 

3. After you pay go to the contact us page and send proof of payment to Hilary via email. 

Online Beginners Soap
Making Classes
This video is me making soap and giving you infomation about the upcoming class.
I hope you enjoy the video. 
Contact Us
Hilary Southerland is our Contact Head.

1. She will awnser questions.
2. after you pay she adds you to the class page.


After You Pay

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Text her at: